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Grace visited silently
Grace called you gently
But you shouted impatiently
And angrily sent grace away.

Graceless your life stands still
Falsely happy with its fill
Neither giving nor receiving
Living a life quickly receding

Grace though sent away
Still waits night and day
In patience and with forbearance
To provide hope and love in abundance.


Catching Shadows Before They Fall

It's not my failing eyesight,
That sees dusk not daylight,
And the dawn before the night,
For I live in a world of half light.

Yet sometimes I feel lost
Pressed in by a moving forest
Of those taller than me
Whose shadows they can't see.

Looking through that half darkness
Listening to what is not said
Letting silence draw out the truth
To discerning the felt but unspoken

I see them so sure and certain
As they think so themselves
Until I see first the shadows change
Just before they teeter and fall

I try and catch them first
But mostly I miss and fail.



The Past is a Different Country

I’d like to wander back
Return to where I was before
Retrace that same track
Gain my lost promise once more

Now settled I’d stay there
Finally secure, stable and free
Hereafter happy without a care
A past forever just for me

But when I return to the past I’m…

Seeing faces half familiar (I see you so clear)
Hearing words never said (I’m sure I did hear)
Recalling events out of order (We went here before there)
Revisiting actions never taken (I  know what happened here)

And now in that past I ask…

Why have my old maps failed me?
Why is the compass needle so untrue?
Why in the past do I feel so lost at sea?
What stars could guide me through?

And once I return to the present I realise…

The past is a different country
I can journey there no more
In that past I emigrated
And sought a different shore.

The Gentle Heart

I heard those words spoken
From a pure and gentle heart
Once riven almost torn apart
And now complete, healed and unbroken.

I  heard not how your heart was broken
I only heard that heart’s intent
To be a comfort in every extent
To those lost : healing with words unspoken.

The gentle heart seeks comfort and surety for all those who are lost
The gentle heart in its silent moments knows peace for itself is not enough.


The breeze whispers in the silence
I stir and weakly waft it away
It beckons to me in its insistence

I tell it now is not the day.

Like all who have preceded me,
I could too follow that lost way,
I’d rather draw its strength to me

And let me say what I must say.

Perhaps my heart will be finally true
I trust to find the words if I may
But I am certain what I must do

For today will always be the day.

To write the unread poem
To sing the unsung song
To tell the untold story

To live the unlived life.

And perhaps comfort the lost
Or perhaps salve a broken wound
Perhaps shine a light of love
Hopefully in a life of another.

A Moment Everlasting

Unconsciously we crafted a moment
Where we stopped time for a time
And met each other once again
To resume an  everlasting serenity.
I thought I was merely speaking
Wasted words and actions repeating
Yet as I spoke to the others I could see
You were listening, listening completely to me.
And your listening created a unity
That quietly and ever so gently
Reached out and enveloped me
And when you spoke I too was set free.
And now together in that moment
That passes through both you and me
How could there ever be torment?
In a peace we thought we would never see.
Yet we still have that moment spoken
Though the next was lost through me
Yet that first is always unbroken
As the sun by the sky touches the sea.
And even that moment lasts a second
So short that it demands to be mourned
Having now flowed away to the past
But in its shadow of light a new one is waiting.
So we know there will be another
Which we will fashion together
Whether impossible or difficult
Or greater than before.
So let us craft another moment
Not a minute stilted and still
But a thread between hearts
That flows forward to an everlasting one.

A Prophecy of Love

You seek your love from this life,
He seeks you from another
Search for your lover in this life
And he will find you as an other.
Love the lover and let the lover love you,
Let that love complete its first circle,
Past begun and future continued
Know that your love called love forth.


The Measure of Each Other (Inspired by Adele’s Hello)

Once the years stop passing
And our fissures fade to grey
We two could have a reckoning
And determine who would pay.

I could admit my failures
You could admit yours too
We could each count the others
And weigh them up all in all.

I could then price your virtues
And you could price mine
A counter each to the other
Of all our losses over time.

It would start as a jigsaw puzzle
Become checkers for pennies
Until both of us are playing chess
Each move played for hoards of gold

And when the game is over?
We’ll agree on the victor
Let the loser pay the winner
And we both walk away.

As for me I’ll never call you
As for you the call never came
I found out what I always knew
I could never play that game.

The Invisible Spark

Those who would come to kill
Fear we have an invisible spark
Yet it's our fear that keep us still
And so our light dies in the dark.

In Paris and Beirut and elsewhere
In the midst of all that is terrible
One with another starts to share
That lighting of a spark invisible
Once it's seen the pursuers' eyes melt
For they know they will see death's mark
Conquered by hope and love heartfelt
Kindled by an invisible indivisible spark.

To Possess The Good In All

I waited for the good things to come
And so bidden waited my time
And watched the good fortune of others
My patience spurned turned resentful


I set forth to gain the good things alone
To conquer and suborn all before me
And through their thrall reward myself
But gaining my aims meant I only  won alone


I blinded myself with light too bright
I deafened myself with sound too loud
All the gorging of the senses
Left me bled white on white


Then I chose to seek good for others
Wishing to be rewarded myself
Surrendered to all who asked me
But  received tributes to no avail


I thought all causes so noble
Would nourish and nurture me full
My service turned to exhaustion
All my strength spent in sad travail


And so spent I found peace and tranquility
Time enough for wisdom to visit and say
It’s folly to die for your desire alone
And profligate to die for others in vain


But that paradox left me with a question
To which wisdom smiled and then answered
She told me the good I sought in others
Always had and would reside in me


And without me asking again
She told me to discern and thus learn
That to possess the good in all for all
Means I live for myself and then for others

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