I waited for the good things to come
And so bidden waited my time
And watched the good fortune of others
My patience spurned turned resentful


I set forth to gain the good things alone
To conquer and suborn all before me
And through their thrall reward myself
But gaining my aims meant I only  won alone


I blinded myself with light too bright
I deafened myself with sound too loud
All the gorging of the senses
Left me bled white on white


Then I chose to seek good for others
Wishing to be rewarded myself
Surrendered to all who asked me
But  received tributes to no avail


I thought all causes so noble
Would nourish and nurture me full
My service turned to exhaustion
All my strength spent in sad travail


And so spent I found peace and tranquility
Time enough for wisdom to visit and say
It’s folly to die for your desire alone
And profligate to die for others in vain


But that paradox left me with a question
To which wisdom smiled and then answered
She told me the good I sought in others
Always had and would reside in me


And without me asking again
She told me to discern and thus learn
That to possess the good in all for all
Means I live for myself and then for others