Unconsciously we crafted a moment
Where we stopped time for a time
And met each other once again
To resume an  everlasting serenity.
I thought I was merely speaking
Wasted words and actions repeating
Yet as I spoke to the others I could see
You were listening, listening completely to me.
And your listening created a unity
That quietly and ever so gently
Reached out and enveloped me
And when you spoke I too was set free.
And now together in that moment
That passes through both you and me
How could there ever be torment?
In a peace we thought we would never see.
Yet we still have that moment spoken
Though the next was lost through me
Yet that first is always unbroken
As the sun by the sky touches the sea.
And even that moment lasts a second
So short that it demands to be mourned
Having now flowed away to the past
But in its shadow of light a new one is waiting.
So we know there will be another
Which we will fashion together
Whether impossible or difficult
Or greater than before.
So let us craft another moment
Not a minute stilted and still
But a thread between hearts
That flows forward to an everlasting one.