A Letter to Mr Pyne

The aim of education is to create adult learners who choose what and how to learn, adapt to new circumstances and think critically. While pedagogy is useful for teaching skills and knowledge it doesn’t enable adaptability.
As the article sums up we’re not training factory workers anymore.

EduResearch Matters

Nicole Mockler, University of Newcastle & Greg Thompson, Murdoch University

Last week on Radio National, Shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne gave us a glimpse of the Coalition’s vision for education should the Coalition win government.

He focused on two specific areas, school funding and “teacher quality”, specifically on teaching methods.

He said, “we would immediately instigate a very short term ministerial advisory group to advise me on the best model for teaching in the world, how to bring out more practical teaching methods based on more didactic teaching methods, more traditional methods rather than the child-centred learning that has dominated the system for the last twenty, thirty or forty years…”

But there’s a fundamental problem with this argument. Australia was ranked 2nd in the world based on the 2000 OECD data supposedly using these student-centred methods, yet now that Australia has been passed by some other countries on these…

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