The past is another country

I’d like to wander back

Return to where I was before

Retrace that same track

Gain my lost promise once more

Now settled I’d stay there

Finally secure, stable and free

Hereafter happy without a care

A past forever just for me
But when I return to the past I’m…
Seeing faces half familiar (I see you so clear)
Hearing words never said (I’m sure I did hear)
Recalling events out of order (We went here before there)
Revisiting actions never taken (I  know what happened here)
And now in that past I ask…
Why have my old maps failed me?
Why is the compass needle so untrue?
Why in the past do I feel so lost at sea?
What stars could guide me through?
And once I return to the present I realise…
The past is another country
I can journey there no more
In that past I emigrated
And sought a different shore.

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