Love’s Quest

I won’t speak to you of my flaws and fears I’ve no intent to move you to crying and tears I speak so you can catch and keep your breath And know that after me that love must overcome death. For that false love that cheats hides and deceives A mere plastic glove that only trusts what one perceives Nay I’d rather speak of the love where nothing can be hidden And follow your quest for that love as you are bidden. Love that discerns my weakness Comforts me in my sadness Letting me borrow its strength Sending it to others beyond life’s length.

Almost Fifty

He wanted his fifty. I knew it. They knew it too. The only question was would we win first or would he get his fifty beforehand. The only problem was they didn't know the exact score. Fourth grade cricket has no scoreboard. And scorers (theirs) don’t always know all the rules. I had just sauntered … Continue reading Almost Fifty

How I was touched by Everybody’s Oma (Movie Review)

You may have seen the viral videos. Turning a kitchen into a supermarket. Or a front yard into Sydney's aquarium. All for Oma... If you’d followed Everybody’s Oma on social media, you’d probably know Henderik van Genderen's ("Puck" ) story in greater detail. You'd expect the movie to be a continuation. And you'd be right. … Continue reading How I was touched by Everybody’s Oma (Movie Review)