The other side of the counter…

With the incessant flight delays, one should also step a little beyond one’s own upset and realise the following. Anyone in customer service can’t be in it for the money. There isn’t enough money in this world or the next… I had flight delays leaving Melbourne the Tuesday before my Dad’s funeral on the Wednesday … Continue reading The other side of the counter…

The Other Game of Leadership

Much like two million viewers, I didn't move until it was all over. No it wasn't Nadal nor Barty in the tennis. Nor Nick and Theo either. What stopped my pulse was the last-gasp heart-stopping draw in the women's Ashes cricket Test.And despite the non-result, I saw an incredible example of leadership. In a crisis. … Continue reading The Other Game of Leadership

Copy and Paste

The greatest public humiliation I experienced was at the hands of an ex-wife and her then boyfriend. But that didn’t prepare me for my greatest workplace humiliation (also known as the copy and paste incident). It occurred during a meeting. I was presenting the changes I had made to an intranet to a group of … Continue reading Copy and Paste

This Teleconference Has Been Postponed…

At last! Another opportunity to catch up on the backlog of outstanding work. A teleconference! I dialed in, entered the meeting identification, my pin and spoke my name. Then I placed my phone in hands-off mode and muted myself. I knew I was safe because: I wouldn't be asked to contribute I had very little to … Continue reading This Teleconference Has Been Postponed…

The Instant Facilitator

Apart from school debating and one lecture presentation, nothing prepared me for my debut as an instant facilitator. I was an attendee for a computer user conference at the World Congress Centre Melbourne at Crowne Plaza. As part of the Queensland branch of the group, I had been asked to introduce each speaker and then … Continue reading The Instant Facilitator

Michael Clarke : Three Moments

Michael Clarke is about to play his last cricket Test. Sadly, he will leave the game as an Ashes losing Test captain regardless of the result. For many people that will be his legacy. For some, this is the time to criticise and to bring up the past.  But not for me. Here are the three … Continue reading Michael Clarke : Three Moments

The Reverse Golden Rule

Somewhere in Australia, someone is gloating over images of a burning mosque. Before that he or she was fuming over the latest executions from the Middle East. They're probably thinking this is how much they hate us and this is how we should hate them back. Somewhere in Australia, someone is fuming over images of … Continue reading The Reverse Golden Rule

Malcolm Fraser’s Journey of Wisdom

I came home from school on Remembrance Day, 1975 and the Government was gone. Even at that age, I knew enough politics to be shocked and angered by the outcome. I held Fraser responsible and I was joyful in his defeat in March 1983. But time passes. Besides Shame Fraser Shame stickers peel off schoolbags. … Continue reading Malcolm Fraser’s Journey of Wisdom

Bunnies in a Basket : Facilitation Before Persuasion

Keeping Bunnies in a Basket by Annabel Crabb is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. And today things became more complicated with Glenn Lazarus resigning from the Palmer United Party. Funnily enough, despite being political, I didn't immediately think of politics. No, selfishly, I thought of myself. You see, managing stakeholders is … Continue reading Bunnies in a Basket : Facilitation Before Persuasion