Copy and Paste

The greatest public humiliation I experienced was at the hands of an ex-wife and her then boyfriend. But that didn’t prepare me for my greatest workplace humiliation (also known as the copy and paste incident). It occurred during a meeting. I was presenting the changes I had made to an intranet to a group of … Continue reading Copy and Paste

Not the Naughty List

"Get back to work," a fat voice bellowed. Sherry Wintersleigh yawned, stretched her arms wider and opened her eyes. "What, what, what," she began. "He's always like this," whispered a passing elf. "But Christmas is...," Sherry said. The shadow standing over her shook his finger at her. "You heard what I said," bellowed Santa. "On … Continue reading Not the Naughty List

The Last Child

“He’s never done anything like this before.” “What?” Alex mouthed.  Caroline held up one hand. Principal, her husband heard her in his head. “Thank you for telling us,” she continued,”we’ll take care of it.” Take care of what? You’re not telling me everything, he thought at her.  She pressed the red icon. She looked up … Continue reading The Last Child

Freed Speech

They talk about free speech. That free speech that silences all of another. That free speech that suffocates second thought. That free speech that only allows one voice and one voice alone to be heard. Free speech that interrupts, name calls, demeans, labels, isolates and threatens violence. Publicly, privately, hourly, daily, always weakly. Isn’t free … Continue reading Freed Speech

Why Adults Should Read to Their Children (Upside Down)

Steps for reading to children: Place book on your lap facing child. Read book while tracing out each word. Which of course means the child learns to read for him or herself. Which leads them on the first steps towards an education.  The disadvantage is that the adult has to learn to read upside down.  … Continue reading Why Adults Should Read to Their Children (Upside Down)

Australia Day

As a country we couldn’t even agree on the width of railways. As a country we can’t even agree on a national day. Or respect those who disagree. Every Australia Day is the same: somebody’s yelling at the immigrants, yelling at the Aboriginals, yelling at all and those who don’t think like you. Every Australia … Continue reading Australia Day

Writing Lessons

Last week I learnt a few things about writing.  Novel I'm probably tired of talking about the novel. It's set in the present but with a backstory from the past. My major problem is that the backstory is quite intrusive, so intrusive in fact that it cannot be told in flashbacks without spoiling the present … Continue reading Writing Lessons