It’s Journalism wot lost it

I follow politics keenly but come the election being called, the only coverage consists of polls, gaffes and photo opportunities. Every. Single. Time. Certainly the last week’s coverage has been the most boring ever: let’s talk about the gaffe again and again and again. Although this week we won't talk about the other gaffe. Oh … Continue reading It’s Journalism wot lost it

A Little More Gaslight #1

"Come in." The last one, he thinks. But at least we're getting the numbers down. And the iron laws of arithmetic don't apply. A pair of red shoes enter. The owner strides in, pulls out a leather armchair, scrapes it along the carpet.  She sits down and crosses her legs. Without any preamble, she begins."I'm … Continue reading A Little More Gaslight #1

Budget 2018

May’s Federal Budget, the standard script. The lock up from which no one escapes! Winners! (Everybody rejoice). Losers! (No one important). Next the wide-eyed superficial analysis. The breathless interviews with families singles, couples, pensioners, wage earners, etc fully economically briefed. The joyously satisfied interest groups. We always set aside the whispers and whispers of the few … Continue reading Budget 2018

Green is the new Red!

Apparently, being concerned about the environment and supporting Same Sex Marriage is red. Communist red that is! Wow! Or rephrased as Green is the new Red! Really? Let’s look at the history then... Caring for the environment was never a priority for any communist state. Name one. Certainly not China. Or the Soviet Union. Both … Continue reading Green is the new Red!

Political Insults? Been There Heard That!

As a writer who was in a verbally abusive relationship for many years, the current political climate is rather familiar. Funnily enough my main reaction to both is the same. It's not being offended at being insulted.  After the initial six weeks (in a relationship) or fifty years (in politics), I become bored... Socialist Communist … Continue reading Political Insults? Been There Heard That!

Blue Sky Mine : The Wittenoom Tragedy

Every time I hear Blue Sky Mine by Midnight Oil,  about the Wittenoom mining tragedy, I'm taken back in time. To 23 May 1988, to probably the saddest TV interview I have ever seen. The interview featured on the ABC Four Corners episode called Blue Death. Blue Death was about the Wittenoom tragedy in Western Australia which was built around … Continue reading Blue Sky Mine : The Wittenoom Tragedy

Don’t Blame the Media

I arrived at work last Saturday. In the corridors, I heard the cleaners talking about the Paris attacks. I went into the tea room and the TV was showing a rolling coverage. I stopped and watched but as time was short I left. After I finished my training session, I checked the latest news. I … Continue reading Don’t Blame the Media

National Insecurity, the Internet and Data Retention

UK and Australia have introduced internet monitoring and data retention laws. Canada too is introducing a similar bill. France as well. The UK has had the High Court throw them out. But the Conservative Government is fighting back. Europe is also throwing out such laws. The USA is trying to postpone its response to the controversy over the … Continue reading National Insecurity, the Internet and Data Retention