When Will There Be Rainbows in Church?

  There I am, sitting in church listening to a sermon.  It is close to the worse sermon I've ever heard. But it's not the poor delivery that's annoying me. It's the subject matter. It is about rejecting all sinners. The pastor is working his way through a list of undesirables and finally settles on … Continue reading When Will There Be Rainbows in Church?

You Know That Fear Thing

Having a religious upbringing didn’t give me the tools to reconcile faith and fear. Faith and fear were considered mutually exclusive.  In fact, I can recall sermons where I was told that lack of faith was sinful. I can even find the relevant scripture. So all in all, to doubt or to be afraid was … Continue reading You Know That Fear Thing

Faith Challenges and Understanding

At home I have a religious plaque on which is written: "Understanding is the reward of faith. Therefore seek not to understand that you may believe but believe that you may understand (St Augustine).” Until recently, I thought it meant that I overcame challenges through faith and received understanding at the end. Hopefully instantly 🙂 … Continue reading Faith Challenges and Understanding