Saturday Night In Brisbane

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend 2011, I flew up to Brisbane to see my sons and hopefully my daughter. All went well, arrived on time, picked up the rental car and found the accommodation. Until I arrived at the accommodation…


But there was a problem. The B&B had no record of my booking (and with good reason as it turned out). I called Mein Hostess and she offered to make up a spare room (unbooked) for me. I dropped my bags and paperwork at the B & B and was quite pleased with myself. I went out to the Peasant at the Barracks complex in Brisbane, had two glasses of wine (Verdejo) and some tapas. I was quite relaxed and decided to buy a bottle of wine in appreciation.


Then I got the phone call. My landlady had double-checked my paperwork and I was booked elsewhere. Oh No! First time this has ever happened to me. My travel arrangements usually are glitch free!


Further, my now soon-to-be ex-landlady called the other place and confirmed my reservation.


So I returned to pick up my bags and paperwork. I walked in carrying a bottle of wine and realised I was in a quandary. I actually thought for a second I was carrying out a social experiment. You know the one : where you are put in a really awkward situation and expected to act either humanely or primitively.


My quandary was simple: should I give her the wine? The answer , after no thought at all, was, of course!


I’m pretty sure where I am staying next time in Brisbane now that I have made myself known to the friendly staff : Eton Bed and Breakfast.

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