The Why Is Missing from Politics….

The Why Is Missing

Today in politics we had a Prime Minister reelected overwhelmingly by her party. The former Foreign Minister is now vanquished and will eventually shuffle off into the political night. Such is politics.

Like many people, I was left wondering why.

Why did Julia Gillard defeat Kevin Rudd the first time? Why did Kevin Rudd attempt to win back the Prime Ministership? Why are they even in politics at all?

When faced with such deep questions, I do research. In truth, I avoid finding out the truth. I just end up surfing the net as a distraction until Twitter hit me between the eyes.

On Twitter, I came across a presentation called “We should start with why” ( which the comment implied might show some insight into today’s events.

It appealed to the annoying child I was and some say still am. I always, always asked why. I am pretty sure I drove everyone around me crazy. I may still do.

The presentation’s premise appealed to me. It is that people identify with the why of a cause/product/you name it, not the product itself or even how it was made.

And it left me wondering. I can identify with Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela. I know why they do what they do.

I cannot identify with just about any of our politicians. I have no idea what they do, how they do it and especially why they do it.

So to our politicians, if you could indulge the annoying child in me, why?

And please don’t say a fair go or moving forward or something trite that you’ve been told to say.

In a time of such political cynicism, tell us why. Say what is in your heart.

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