Whatever You Do: Don’t Sit Down!

San Francisco: Fashion shop on Mission
San Francisco: Fashion shop on Mission (Photo credit: Franco Folini)

I don’t stand outside the dress or shoe shop when my partner enters. I follow her in. It is the option of least boredom. I feel quite silly hanging out like I’m loitering with intent or stalking or something.

But it has some advantages. One or two occasions I chose a dress or coat which was gleefully accepted and then bought by my partner. This for someone with little taste is a bonus.
But it can lead to trouble. This occasion none of the clothes in the shop fitted. Apparently my partner was inbetween sizes. Which I’ve never heard of nor had happen to me.
But something happened to me. After waiting at the back of this empty shop, I was becoming impatient. Then the other shop assistant, the most attractive one, decided to have a word to me. “You’ve been very patient”. And decided to sit down next to me. And start talking to me. After half an hour I didn’t mind at all.
But I then noticed new customers were entering the shop. And my new found friend didn’t really want to leave me. Which meant it was time for me to check in on my partner and see how she was going. Which I did. Next time I made sure I didn’t sit down.

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