Is This The Most Boring Opposition Ever?

English: A bored person
He’s Bored.

Politically, I always thought it was the role of the Government to bore the electorate to death. And then be re-elected.

But, and especially of late, that role has been taken on by the Opposition.

As posted yesterday, it was the asylum seeker debate.

Now it is the AWU scandal which dominated Parliament yesterday with allegations that the PM broke the law. Which does not match her defence or recollection. Besides, if that is the case there should be an investigation. Or perhaps a Royal Commission into all lawyers that gave good advice subsequently misused. Boring.

And the week before it was the carbon tax which has had its day. Boring.

And every question time the Opposition moves for a suspension of standing orders which almost always is lost. Boring.

Wouldn’t it be funny if there was an election and the Opposition was re-elected based on their boring performance.

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