Faith Challenges and Understanding

"understanding things is overrated"
“Understanding things is overrated”

At home I have a religious plaque on which is written:
Understanding is the reward of faith.
Therefore seek not to understand that you may believe but believe that you may understand
(St Augustine).”

Until recently, I thought it meant that I overcame challenges through faith and received understanding at the end. Hopefully instantly 🙂 Or after a period of waiting, say a month or year! Or longer! Nope!

But right now it isn’t working. And I’ve realised that it hasn’t worked for a very long time!

In essence, I have no guarantee whatsoever that faith given will receive understanding. Even if the challenge is met or not. Ever. What I must accept (with difficulty) is to have faith anyway and accept that I may not receive any understanding at all. Ever. And accept that the challenge may not be met. Ever. Ouch!

And once the challenge is overcome what I do I get? Another test. Another challenge! And that is the pattern.

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