A Learning Conversation

It was a long bus trip from the city to the suburbs. It was made worse by the conversation I couldn’t avoid.

Conversation (Photo credit: CharlieCE)


The two girls sitting in front of me were going through a laundry list of possessions. Each one seemed to be trying to out do the other. It reminded me of Clarisse in Fahrenheit 451 saying that people only talked about things.


Even if they had moved to talking about others I would have been annoyed with that too! In Fahrenheit 451 people also talk about other people!


My bad mood that day aside, I thought later about that conversation when I was studying how adults learn. We first learn about things then other people and then ourselves. And we talk about things and other people and ourselves.


My point is we don’t learn from talking. Insight comes from listening to things, others, yourself and that world beyond. That put me in a better mood!


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