What Do I Call You Again?

Some terms for addressing women and the pitfalls thereof:
Girly? Is this rural Australia in the 1950’s?
• Madame? No I’m not the proprietor!
• Mistress? No I’m not one of those!
• Missy? Am I a spoil brat throwing a tantrum?
• Princess? Nice try but you’re no Prince!
Miss? I’m not ninety, single and living with my sister!
• Mrs? I’m not at home with the kids!
• Ms? Don’t objectify me as a radical feminist!
• Madamoiselle? I’m not French and we didn’t meet in Paris!
Lady? Are you a taxi driver in a movie?
• Your ladyship? Your Lordship? Indeed Not!
Which leaves only Ma’am (I was taught that at school). But then are we on the set of Gone With The Wind?
So what do I call you again?

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