It was the early ’80s, and the Cabbage Tree Patch in Wollongong was packed full.

Charley Drayton (left) and Chrissy Amphlett (r...
Charley Drayton (left) and Chrissy Amphlett (right) of Divinyls, playing live at The Forum Theatre in Melbourne, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday night and my brother and I were out to see a band. I drew the short straw and went to get a couple of beers and nearly didn’t make it back.

In the end I choose to sip my beer and watch the band. Like nothing I have ever seen or will see again!

Tonight’s band was Chrissie Amphlett and Divinyls. We had heard only a couple of their hits but never saw them live.

Chrissie Amphlett never stopped. She wore the audience out. We were so hot, she poured a jug of water over herself. And kept going.

Even to the last she kept going. A life fully lived!