Buy the StegoSaurus

A few weeks ago I visited the Melbourne Scienceworks and was reminded of the following.

Quite a while ago, I was at Questacon (The National Science and Technology Centre).

They were having a dinosaur exhibition which was fantastic as I remember. For all I know it could have inspired Clive Palmers Dinosaur Park. But I’ve wandered off track.
To leave Questacon, we had to pass by the shop. Out the front was a tray table of plastic dinosaur models.

Jurassic II Dinosaurs by Imperial Toys
Jurassic II Dinosaurs by Imperial Toys (Photo credit: Cryptonaut)
A little girl broke free from her parents and started picking up each model.
She would turn them over and looked underneath and put each one back.
Then she found the one she wanted and held it high. She asked her parents ,”Can I have the stegosaurus please?”
She wasn’t even four years old. Of course it was bought for her!!

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