Five People I Would Invite To Dinner

As an occasional Melbourne Eat With Me participant, I was asked the names of the five people I would invite to dinner.

Well, the five people I would invite to dinner would be a mixture indeed.

An author, two poets, a president and a prime minister in waiting.

  • John Le Carre, author of spy thrillers. I could pick up a few tips on the eclectic art of novel writing.
  • Rumi, the Persian poet. Even when translated still pens the best poetry in the world.
  • But that is not to set aside John Donne. I studied this English poet at school and only now am appreciating him!
  • Abraham Lincoln, my favourite US President. I could ask him to fact check the recent movie. I don’t expect any criticism of Daniel Day-Lewis’ acting though.
  • And my heroine, Aung Sung Suu Kyi, the true prime minister of Burma (or Myanmar, if you like). Referred to as The Lady, a dignified and courageous woman from whom I could learn much.

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