Having It All?

Imagine that you’re being interviewed for an executive high-level management role.
And you’re asked the question, “How do you manage being an executive and running a family?”
And you reply, “I’ve shown its possible to have it all.”
And the interviewer asks you to expand on that.
So you say,
“I hold down a busy job I schedule meetings and work around my family.
I attend my children’s school plays and other events.
I come home and cook and clean and kiss the children good night.”
Now if you’re a man you probably won’t get asked that question.
If you’re a woman, then as Annabel Crabb notes you probably need a wife! Or perhaps work for Apple or Facebook where as a work perk women have the option to freeze their eggs.
If you’re a man, perhaps you need to be a billionaire to have this choice!
As for the rest of us, having it all is a struggle for women overtly and men not so overtly.
Perhaps the wrong question is being asked here. How do we change the workplace so we can be more flexible?
Perhaps this question should be asked: How do we change the way we work?


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