Ban the Burqa Keep The Veil (Now That’s Ironic)

It’s time. Time to call out some ironies.

Jacqui Lambie is proposing a law to ban the Burqa.

So many ironies to choose from…

By now the Senator should be aware that the Burqa isn’t worn in this country but the Niqab is. Ironic.

Her proposed law may have to be amended anyway. Even more ironic.

The law as it stands may be unconstitutional. Most ironic.

But there’s more much more…

It’s ironic that Christian women take the veil when they become a nun. Yet its unlikely any law will be passed banning nuns wearing veils.

It’s ironic that some Christian sects also mandate that women wear a veil as well and use the Bible as justification. Yet its highly unlikely their members will be banned or fined.

It’s ironic that politicians quite openly criticise other religions and cultures that enforce women wearing headwear including penalties or punishments.

And the biggest irony of all. This is not a debate about religion.

Telling women what they should or shouldn’t wear isn’t religious.

It’s sexist. Now that’s ironic.


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