It Happened Like This

I knew that Tuesday wasn’t going to be an ordinary day.

It wasn’t even 8:00am and I had to reschedule an interview versus a casual job. There had already been a late flurry the night before. Within 15 minutes it was settled : interview at 9:00am (as scheduled) and work at 10:00am.

The interview went extraordinarily well. It began as an introduction and became a discovery of client requirements. Which I enjoyed. I like to know what I’m getting into. Anyway as a trainer being an interviewee/interviewer is fun.

Then as planned I went to work as casual in a call centre. After two day’s training I was ready to field any and all calls. Initially it began quietly. Then the flurry of calls began being a mixture of easy and quite complex. Then it turned quiet. Too quiet.

During my break, I checked my email and voice mail. Another flurry of activity. I had been offered the role and was required to start in two days.

Then back to work. Again a mixture of easy calls, complex calls punctuated by quiet. Too quiet.

As it turned out it was an easy conversation to state that I had found another job.

Which made my day and my birthday.

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