On Generosity : My Christmas Message

This year for the first time I have decided to break with tradition and deliver a Christmas Message. This break in tradition is due to the overwhelming requests (in truth way less than few and in actual fact none) from my followers. This break in tradition really is really rather my own initiative.

Christmas is about generosity. But there’s more to it than that trite comment…

This is what I learnt about Christmas and generosity…

  • Be generous in adversity. Once I had only $2. I chose to give the busker $2.  It was more fun that way! I want to keep doing that!
  • Don’t give with the aim of merely receiving. Give with the aim of creating generosity in others (See The Art of Asking ( Amanda Palmer ) and also Give and Take ( Adam Grant ))!  Now that’s the fun I want to have!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!





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