My Boxing Day Surprise

Without thinking too much about it, I woke up on Boxing Day and decided to see a movie. My choice was (this is a few years ago) , was Return of the King, the final instalment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I just thought I could turn up and get a ticket to the first session of a box office smash without booking ahead. Little did I know.

So I strolled down from where I was living in South Brisbane, to the Southbank cinemas to press my luck.

When I entered, it wasn’t crowded, it was a crush. If I knew then that all of these people wanted to see Return of the King, I would have turned around and gone straight home. Still I joined the queue and waited my turn.Movie Ticket

I slowly wended my way to the top of the queue. Just before I was to be served, I received some bad news. Unfortunately the couple just before me wanted tickets to the first session and hadn’t booked. The attendant said she couldn’t help them as there were no seats left and booked them in the evening session.

I stepped forward, took a deep breath said, ” Can I have a single ticket for Return of the King and if you haven’t got any seats for this session I’m okay for the last session tonight if that’s okay with you.”

Surprisingly, the attendant understood what I said. She looked at me, paused and said just a second. She went away, checked and then said to me, we’ve just had a cancellation.

I paid for my ticket and enjoyed the first session of a brilliant movie. Yeees!!!

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