At the time, I was an instructional design analyst.  Most people (apart from my ex workmates and a woman I met at a Christmas party (she was one too)) wouldn’t know what that is. An instructional design analyst writes training materials ( or analyses, designs and develops training).

I’m flying into Wellington International Airport and I have to fill out the slip that states my occupation. Unfortunately Instructional Design Analyst had too many letters. I wrote Trainer. Unfortunately I wasn’t specific enough.

As we walk through customs, the officer looks at my card. He then looks at me. He then motions me aside. Luckily for me this was before the TV series Border Security New Zealand, as I later realised. He says,”I just want to have a wee bit of a word with you.” So I innocently stand next to him and he asks me,”What sort of a trainer are you? Circus or animal?” I reply, “Human.”