Making Mistakes in the First Person

When I happened upon this article by Daily Life’s Natalie Reilly, I thought she had found me out.

I just didn’t know it was called fumble bragging.

Ok I finally admit it. I make mistakes. I also write about them.

But is this the real me? Do I write about my mistakes just so people can see that I’m real and human? So people can feel sorry for me and/or be shaded out by my brilliance?

I mean there’s some difficulties to be overcome here. First would be to find mistakes that endear me to other people.

Let me put it this way. That’s not the feedback I’ve generally received when I’ve made them.

And then there’s the making mistakes for the sake of self-pity even if I overcome them.

It’s not what I saw in my children. They would make a mistake, set it aside and just get on with it.  Besides staying in self pity is boring anyway.

And then there’s the challenge of being inventive in my mistakes. Well except the repeatable ones which aren’t worth sharing anyway. photo-1427348693976-99e4aca06bb9

As Natalie Reilly implies one doesn’t make mistakes for sympathy or glory or self-pity. It happens as part of life 101.

But telling a story about those mistakes for the purposes of ego or self-aggrandisement makes it about the story teller not the story. And that’s not what we are meant to do in life 101.

I admit it. I make mistakes. I write about them.  But not for the purpose of humbly fumbly bragging about myself.

It’s to learn and pass on what I’ve learned.  That’s what a story teller does.


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