When Will There Be Rainbows in Church?


There I am, sitting in church listening to a sermon.  It is close to the worse sermon I’ve ever heard. But it’s not the poor delivery that’s annoying me. It’s the subject matter. It is about rejecting all sinners. The pastor is working his way through a list of undesirables and finally settles on homosexuals. And it’s that subject that slowly but surely starts to infuriate me beyond measure…

I’ve never been this angry in church in all my life. Perhaps it’s too black and white for me now. But I almost stand up and start shouting at the pastor. Luckily for him and me, it’s then he wraps up.

At that time, I had some questions….

  1. Which commandment does homosexuality break?
  2. Why is homosexuality overlooked in the New Testament?
  3. Why didn’t Jesus mention it?

Regenbogen_über_der_NordseeIn the light of the increasing acceptance of and objection to same-sex marriage I have just one more question:

When will there be rainbows in church?


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