Walking on Thin Glass : Installing Windows 10

I’m usually cynical about trying out new Windows operating systems :

  • Windows Vista still gives me work-related nightmares especially with its spinning blue circle of death
  • Windows ME (Millenium Edition) meant that my daughter didn’t think I knew anything about computers and
  • Windows 8.0 beta which while so easy to install was quite confusing to use

But my curiosity leads me on : over the years I have installed various versions of non-Microsoft operating systems including desktop and server Linux.  I’ve even tried some of the more unheard of operating systems (remember Beos? (now Haiku!)).

So the move from Windows 7.0 to 10 was always going to be one of mixed emotions. I’d heard pretty positive feedback about it.  I was being prompted that I could download and/or install it, so I did.

The download was easy.  The installation not so.  My attempts included using Windows Update, booting from a USB with Windows 10 on it and running the Setup program from the USB.

My best success was running the setup program from the USB.  That was the easy part.  I kept encountering more and more obscure error messages.  I would research the message, find a sequence of steps and push on.  Yes three steps forward, two to four backward! But I succeeded.


My recommendations are the following:

  1. Use the setup program from the USB.
  2. Turn off anti virus for the duration of the installation.
  3. Use the MSConfig program to minimise all services.
  4. Install using US defaults only (you can change them later).
  5. Finally, don’t expect the install to work on a dual-boot (Windows and other non-Windows operating) system.
  6. Sit back and enjoy



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