Soaking the Beans : Megan Washington and Writer’s Block

Sometimes after all one’s efforts, everything looks like it’s turning out for the worst.

But then the rain clears, and the moment is right. Sunlight Over Clouds

Such was the case when I went and saw Megan Washington sing and be interviewed at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in Melbourne.

I arrived on time. But at the wrong venue. The NGV has one site in St Kilda Road and another at Federation Square.

I took the stairs and heard not a note of music or talk. I backtracked to reception and was vectored to the NGV at Federation Square.

I picked my way through Sunday afternoon walkers then ascended to the right floor. Then I was turned away as the venue was full. Luckily, as  there were people were coming and going so in the end I was motioned through.

And I witnessed the final moments of a musical interview. There was Megan Washington answering rather complex interview questions with great dexterity.  Then singing and playing beautifully and thoughtfully.

It was then I found what I was looking for.  Megan Washington was talking about the artist’s eternal problem of  identity and being unable to write.  Her first wisdom was saying that she was not her art.

Her second wisdom was not to disdain the idleness of being unable to write (See also Leisure : The Basis of Culture). Soaking The BeansRather she described it as a phase of  “soaking the
beans”  : a waiting period until you return to being creative and energised.

Meantime, I’m looking for beans….

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