The Answer Lies In Between

I wish I could be open to another
Without pain or fear or rejection
And for it to be always the flow
Of two rivers making an ocean
Let me be the last to be vulnerable
I’d rather you found out about me
Without me revealing anything
And keep that secret in its place.
Yet if I open myself to you
And leave nothing left to know
Wouldn’t we be sleepwalking
In a desert after snow?
For if you found all about me
My fissures, flaws and faults
By revelation, stealth or insight
We may discover a dark too great
And if you overlooked my virtues
The ones I know and think I have
And the others of which I know not
We would both see a twilight hidden
Yet if you were open to me first
I too would find light and shade
And know what scares you most
You’re just as afraid as me
Who would want to be vulnerable?
Perhaps we could take that chance 
We could both take that journey
And find the answers in-between

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