No It Was Me

No it was me, not you, no way,

That stopped the BBQ that day, 

Just said what no one could see,

Yep point the finger, it was me.

Great day for it, eh? Still daylight?

Got the pecking order all right?

Who cooks, who stands by,

Who gets drinks, me i looked at the sky!

So mate, what’s the subject of choice?

The one us men speak with one voice,

Cars and sports, what’s you view?

Kids, jobs, the safe topics we all knew.

After the meal, the children running outside,

Wives gathered in prayer, all safe inside,

We all looked around, looked askance,

Out of their hearing, us men took our chance!

Each bloke had the same sad tale,

She thought me perfect now I’m a fail,

Favours given, favours lost, none she could see,

Their love always reconciled, till they came to me.

Yep, I said, the first few weeks are tough,

Reconciliation with me was never enough,

I left out the rest of my story that day,

Besides, by then, they had packed up and walked away!

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