Not Enough Men

I’m not responsible,

It wasn’t my fault,

Don’t blame it on poor little me,

All you feminazis, I’m not all men. 

Seriously? That’s your best reply,

Happy are you to stand idly by,

Nod at another death by stealth,

While you shed tears: only for yourself.

Let’s work through the list shall we,

Let’s see who has responsibility?

Would you say tough luck too late,

To the victim of a coward’s fist

Would you say to your mate,

Lucky it was me he missed?

Would you say it’s all in fun,

If it was relative or loved one,

Would you care perhaps for a daughter,

Or excuse the son after the slaughter?

Would you still stand idly by,

Avoiding responsibility?

And for those who cared for you,

Those who lifted and assisted you through,

The squalls, falls and storms of life,

Those whose love saved you from strife?

Did they stand idly by,

Avoiding responsibility?

Don’t you clench your fists at me,

And bleat it’s not my responsibility,

Don’t say it won’t happen to me,

It always does, it’s karma you’ll see.

Don’t talk back to me,

Don’t ever say NOT all Men,

Truth is we all have responsibility,

Truth is there’s NOT Enough Men!

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