Room Escapee

Triple Zero.

It felt familiar. The pause too long until …

“Triple-Zero. Fire, Police or Ambulance?”

Nope. I’m not calling the cops on myself. Nope. I’m not injured. Pretty stressed…But…

“Fire Brigade.”

“What’s the emergency?”

“I’m trapped.”


“In an escape room.”

She laughed. Silently. But I knew.

“Your call is not urgent. You can call Fire, Police or Ambulance on the direct number.”

I held the phone. Counted to three. Then dropped it. 

It clattered to the floor. 

“Are you okay?” It chattered. 

I picked it up. “Hello?” I said.

“Are you okay?”

“It’s after hours. I’ve been locked in for the night.”

She didn’t laugh this time. She sighed. I heard her mouth the swear words she could never say.

“I’ll put you through to the Fire Brigade. They take care of escape rooms.”

My turn to sigh.

“Thank you. And your name is….”

“Fire Brigade dispatch. What’s the emergency?”

“I’m locked. In an escape room.” I jumped in before he asked. “It’s after hours. I can’t get out.”

“Where are you?”

“I don’t know. It’s an escape room, remember.”

“What’s the location?”

“Uh. City escape.”

“I’ve got that. I need to work with you while we send help. How did you get in?”

Nope. If I tell him, they’ll know. Not through the roof.

“That really doesn’t matter does it?”

” Okay. I’ll put you through to one of our specialists. Can you stay on the line while I put you on hold?”


“You still there?”

“Yes. It’s an escape room remember.”

“Our escape room specialists aren’t available right now. I will talk you through.”

My precious life: now in the hands of an emergency newbie.

“First I want you to turn off your phone light.”

I turned it off. 

“Can you see anything glowing in the dark?”

No light. No shade either. 


“Can you turn your phone light back on?”

Now what?


“Can you see any objects in the room? Things that might need assembling?”

“It’s empty,” I said. Worst room I’ve ever broken into.


“Worst escape room I’ve ever woken in too.” I said. 

“Light switches? Pictures?”

“Nope. Nope.” I flashed my phone around. “I see a sign.”

“Read it back to me.”


What the…

“I’ve got that. Now work with  me and we’ll get you out.”


“Put your phone in your left hand.”


“Now put your right hand against the right wall.”

What the… “Okay.”

“Just keep walking with your hand against the wall.”

Ten minutes later it was too much.

“I’m walking in circles. You’ve called the cops on me haven’t you?”

“Of course not. Work with me here. What can you see?”

“Yes. A table. Chairs. A fridge. A kitchen sink. A door.”

“You’re nearly there. Now listen to me carefully.”

I tried the door but it was locked. Then it opened. To three uniforms. The last on a mobile.

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