The Last Melbourne Cup

Apparently Melbourne Cup 2018 is being soaked by heavy rains.

Melbourne Cup 2017 for me was tear-soaked.

That day, I was working at Westmead Childrens’ Hospital. I had bought my cup of coffee and walking back to my office when I noticed something odd. Police vehicles were pulling up at the entrance. Ambulance sirens and helicopters could be heard in the distance. 

Me being just a trainer and not wanting to impede in anyway, I returned to my office. I was greeted by the news that the hospital was being placed on bypass due to a traffic accident.

There would be no Melbourne Cup that day.

What surprised me was that even when the hospital returned to normal later in the day, I wasn’t interested anymore.

Later upon reflection, I wondered. For me, there are far more important matters at hand.

For you punters and revellers, enjoy by all means, but remember the line from Educating Rita…”There must be better songs to sing.”

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