Why Adults Should Read to Their Children (Upside Down)

Steps for reading to children:

  1. Place book on your lap facing child.
  2. Read book while tracing out each word.

Which of course means the child learns to read for him or herself. Which leads them on the first steps towards an education. 

The disadvantage is that the adult has to learn to read upside down. 

This is no real inconvenience. For an adult who can to read upside down can’t easily be deceived by contracts, documents, etc, etc shoved across a desk…

But there’s another advantage…exclusively for system administrators….although something like this has to happen to you…

Andrew, can you help the vendor’s system engineers check all the serial numbers on all of our hardware?

Sorting dust spores was more fun. Inward groan but I complied. Besides I was the most recent hire and spending several hours following a man with a printout couldn’t be that bad. Could it? 

It was right up to the moment we saw three workstations on a table backing onto an internal window. There’s only one solution to this, isn’t there?

Andrew, can you shut these boxes down, unplug them, turn them around so we can read the serial numbers from the back?

Okay, except…I can see the serial numbers of each box reflected in the window behind them..I start reading the serial numbers backwards. They started checking their records. Easy. Tick that one off.

Of course there are other applications….

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