Read this first

Don’t open that suitcase. Read this first.

You’re probably wondering where I am. And what the hell is going on. And whether you should open that door.

Maybe you’re crouched heart in a ball.  Your fingers clenching, closing tight , unclenching then relaxing.Which was what I saw you first across the crowded (Zoom) room. Cliched I know. And I suppose I was all charm. Until I turned off the touch up option. And revealed the real me.

Besides I was reciting poetry. Which is when we began the off-topic chat. Which hasn’t finished yet. As you’re about to find out. In real life.

No you didn’t you swoon or catch your breath when we finally met. Yes finally in real life. You were the calm one.  I was the one who couldn’t shut up at first. You probably thought I was the one with the crush. On you. You would have seen my hands. Wafting and waving in the air misting the sweat away. Like now.

Until listening got the better of me.Once relaxed you enumerated your faults and flaws and failings. As meanwhile you listened to and silently discerned mine. While keeping them locksafe.  And that is when we began this lifelong jigsaw puzzle.

Don’t open that suitcase. Read this first and to the end.Although you might want to faint now. Although I know you won’t.

Because the only people who will faint will be everyone else :  once they find out we’ve put all the blank pieces together. Now and forever.

Now you can check the first selfie I sent with this. That’s me packing that suitcase.

Now you could open the suitcase now.

But check out the second selfie which will give you the clue. That’s me unpacking the suitcase looking like I can’t make up my mind.
But I have. This moment.This day.

Today where everything I thought wouldn’t happen finally went the opposite way.

You can open the suitcase now. I’ve unpacked it.  Open the door. It will be always unlocked.

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