No Kebabs for Dr Jaws

It was ’98 or ’99. Again, at short notice I was asked to set up a laptop. For an external consultant : an interviewee.

No problem. Download the standard operating environment. Upgrade and…you need to install Dr Jaws.

What the heck is Dr Jaws?

Dr Jaws is a screen reader for sight-impaired people : the interviewee.
Software that translates the contents of a screen into words. After I installed it, I thought wow. I’ve done something useful for a change.

As I told the external auditor after she asked me what I was up to.

But what brought Dr Jaws to mind was the three dots : horizontal or vertical, often referred to as a kebab or meatballs or dumplings. And the square with the two lines within : the hamburger icon. And the waffle : three dots by three dots.

Names that for some reason started to annoy me. For reasons unknown.

Until I remembered my interviewee. He was a mountain climber and cricketer.

And the last thing this brilliant unsighted interviewee needed was to be told to click the kebab, meatballs, dumplings or hamburger. Or the waffle.

You see he wasn’t using Dr Jaws to order food.

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