Advantages and Disadvantages of Working From Home

Inspired by Anna Spargo-Ryan’s article The best and worst parts of living alone – ABC Everyday here are the advantages and disadvantages of Working From Home!

The first and most obvious is the shortened commute : from the bedroom to the study. Or you could leave your front door, walk round the block and then go to work. Or that doesn’t work for you, pop out the front door and sneak in via the back.

And of course, every day is casual day. Just make sure you don’t stand up during the videoconferencing. Because you know what? Business shirts and stubbie shorts raise more fashion questions than answers. Now you could dress as if you are already at the office, which is a great rehearsal for the fell day that you return. And you can skimp on the shoes. Because no one sees thongs on Zoom.

But most importantly, there is no arguing over the office playlist. Or the volume of the music. Pump it up as loud as you like. And a technical tip: I am an IT Trainer by the way., if you use Teams or Zoom, noise suppression is your friend. And Friday afternoons: Party mode!

And again there’s no arguing over the coffee or lunch order but…here’s where the disadvantages begin : the same person goes out for coffee and/or lunch every day. You.

Now you could make your own coffee or even bring a cut lunch to work. And guess what? No-one will steal it from the fridge or put sugar in the coffee. Okay there’s not a lot you can do about that last one.Still a good idea to label it though, in case someone accidentally steals it.

But the worst disadvantage of working from home is…that one (rostered) person who still won’t stack the dishwasher or clean the microwave.

I’ll raise that with his supervisor !

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