Why trolling is a training problem.

Probably starting the conversation off with epithets isn’t going to get your audience’s attention. “Welcome to Excel Conditional Formatting, you so and sos.”

Certainly saying, “You are ill-informed,” or words to that effect would clear out the class. Regardless of the chocolate biscuits virtual or otherwise.

Perhaps saying I have something to contribute might be a good start. Or asking a question even. Stand alone statements don’t always work.

And using swear words and emotive language is only going to cause the audience to become distracted. They won’t know what the facts are. Unless that is your purpose.

And you need a logical sequence of events : not a series of dot points. A caused B which affected C. Unless you want your audience to assume that the order of events is the process.

And be prepared for audience questions too. You don’t know everything. Sadly no troll yet has answered any of mine.

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