Day 11: The Return

That’s how long it has taken me to settle in. Or rather pick up a pen and write about it.

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Apart from the incomplete and scattered musings and snippets that pose as poetry.

I’ve relocated. To a new job : IT Trainer (similar to but not the same as the past role). To a new city : Melbourne (dissimilar to and not the same as the past locale).

Although I haven’t relocated so much as returned.

The hint that was a touch occurred last November. When I alighted from the plane for my brother’s birthday (and mine), I knew my breathing was different. Everyone I spoke to was relaxed as was I. I was back in the groove. What was going on? A harbinger, a hint for the future?

Then I returned home. To a role that wasn’t working for me. And a unit overlooking an ever working construction site. And I thought why not?

Let’s see what roles there are in Sydney and Melbourne. And after a few weeks the Sydney roles dissipated. And the Melbourne ones progressed…

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And there was I being offered a role in Melbourne.

And somewhere to live? After some setbacks, I flew down on election day and saw five places. I applied for three and was accepted for two (the third I turned down before they could ask me).

And the move? My brother and his wife stepped up. Two days of packing and unpacking and I was there.

And the job? A supportive team and a challenging project. Who knows?

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