The other side of the counter…

With the incessant flight delays, one should also step a little beyond one’s own upset and realise the following.

Anyone in customer service can’t be in it for the money. There isn’t enough money in this world or the next…

I had flight delays leaving Melbourne the Tuesday before my Dad’s funeral on the Wednesday south of Sydney. I’d booked overnight accommodation as the earliest Wednesday flight would mean I’d be too late.

Meanwhile, the flight time kept being postponed. But worst of all the gate number kept increasing. Each time I checked, I thought I was an extra in the film, “Flying High” aka “Airplane.”

My anxiety was allayed by my flight app. I’d been auto rebooked for the Wednesday morning and realised I wasn’t going to make it on time.

I eventually spoke to one of the staff. And yes I was xxth in the queue. Sadly, she couldn’t help me and said the rebook was the best the system could do.

I thought then there’s simply no point being angry. I was upset though. But I realised I was dealing with someone who in their heart of hearts wants to help people, and couldn’t help me because of circumstances beyond their control.

I thanked her, it was the least I could do to help. As I once said in a customer service course, these are the same skills that help you on the other side of the counter.

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