How I was touched by Everybody’s Oma (Movie Review)

You may have seen the viral videos. Turning a kitchen into a supermarket. Or a front yard into Sydney’s aquarium. All for Oma…

If you’d followed Everybody’s Oma on social media, you’d probably know Henderik van Genderen’s (“Puck” ) story in greater detail.

You’d expect the movie to be a continuation. And you’d be right.

But there is so much more. As someone who knew nothing beforehand found out.

For Everybody’s Oma takes you on a journey of grace, courage and love.

For ninety minutes, everyone (I peeked) watched spellbound as the story told itself.

A dad and a mum, Jason and Megan van Genderen looking after their mother as she declined more and more. Whilst raising a young family and running two businesses. And did I mention Covid? Beautiful and yet quite confronting, yet so inspiring.

And afterwards I was asked, what did you think?

And my voice caught. There is so much to unpack in this film. Oma’s story. But other stories told themselves. And so many life lessons within those stories.

Whether it’s asking for help when you can’t do anything anymore. Or looking after yourself before you can look after another. Or being with a child’s tears who is upset because Oma is leaving. Or even arguing for your partner over yourself. Or suddenly finding that you are a carer and need caring for. Or that there is no right way out.

And the key is there is help if you need it. And life must be lived with an open heart. Everybody’s Oma did. Go see it.

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