So? What’s Next?

So? What’s next?

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As President Bartlet in the West Wing would say, and did.

Recently I was finished up in my current role: the one I moved interstate for.

And it was going well : for the first few months anyway.

But things started going awry.

Some within my control. Some outside of it.

But all in all it became more of an obstacle course than a project.

And I did try to adapt to what I could control and there I did make progress.

But as I’ve said to myself previously, although I was a system administrator then, far too many things were going wrong.

And that upset me.

Because what I was encountering were recurrent situations from past roles.

And I was having same reactions to them.

Now while I had dealt with those inwardly before and successfully too, this time my strength flagged more and more.

I guess I had run out of resilience points.

And eventually I had to agree with the quote from a marriage counsellor, it’s always been like this, hasn’t it?

So what’s next is to is take the advice I gave to a failed author and editor.

During a walk, she confessed that as an editor her book was broken and she listed in detail its faults.

I was no expert, nor did I mansplain.

My only suggestion was contemplation.

Be with it, work out what worked and didn’t work, and progress from there.

And I hope it worked for her as I hope it will for me. It will.

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