Session Whisperer

"So how have you been since our last time?"
"Doing a bit better," I say, eyes bright with a wan smile.

I’d rather not show the glimpse of the chasm that yesterday
I thought in fear that I would fall over well almost nearly.
In penance therefore I list out my mini troubles all sonorous 
Trivialising that in the dark silence of last night was all mountainous.

"I’ve seen a lot of people with that issue and I’ve experienced it too?"
"And me too. By the way the exercises you gave me last time helped."

Now I’m overthinking even more now cognisant of each misstep
That shoves me first sideways, pushing me beyond my fear of depth
Through which I walk each day steadier despite each step edgeward.
My climb solitary is always first the stride then the slip slide afterward.

"Today has been really productive!" 
Is that the time?
Yep better focus on the process of self-reconstruction. 
Whilst trying to staying fine.
"Meanwhile I'm sure you're feeling resilient!"
"Yes" I say, ensuring they're ready for the next problematic patient.

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