Racism : The Double Standard

Strewth! Stone the flaming crows!

English: No racism Lietuvių: Ne rasizmui

It’s bloody hard to be a racist in this country or what?

I mean just the other day I was listening to the radio. And one of those shock jocks and his politician mate was sayin’ stuff about those illegals that come here by boat ‘cos they want to take all our benefits.

And just then I got on the train. And I saw one and his family. Just knew it was them. Don’t care whether they have wet feet off the boat or got off the plane with dry feet. I gave ’em all what for. Mate you should’ve seen me!

Told ‘em how my granddad fought to keep youse people out of this country. And I then I really gave him what for. Just the same as what I heard on the radio.

And now I’m on that new fangled thingo called YouTube. Somebody must’ve filmed me on one of them smart phones. Didn’t have that sorta thing when I came here by boat. Nope.

And yesterday my boss called me in. Been carpeted for my racist rant. Hell I was just sayin’ what was being said wasn’t I? I mean we all think it, don’t we?

And now it looks like it might be up for that racial vilification thingy. The cops called me next. Didn’t even think such a thing could exist? I got my free speech haven’t I?

And now people are writing stuff about how we’re racists and how we should be nice to the immigrants. I mean they’re all the same to me. Don’t care whether they’re off the boat or on the tram. That’s what the shock jocks and pollies are tellin’ me.

Jeez its getting harder to be a racist in this country!

Just Stick to the Stereotype And Everything Will Be Fine (Sorry Heidi Victoria)

Recently here was a twitstorm over Heidi Victoria (the Victorian Minister for Women’s Affairs (Yes that is her real name!)) who made some comments  assuming that only women were nurturers.

As a man I took some offence and added my two cent’s worth to the discussion with the following:


Now it looks like I‘m a feminist. Or a nurturer. Or that I’m not sexist or racist, etc.

Nope! Not even close! That doesn’t even begin to describe my problem.

I just don’t fit the stereotype. Any stereotype! And stereotypes don’t work for me. At all. Never have. Here’s why!

I studied a subject that dealt with diversity in training. One of the topics was the characteristics of different nationalities and cultures.

My research led me to the Globe Project and the work of Hofstede  which categorised certain cultures as having certain characteristics. An example is that in general Australians are mostly individualistic.

I didn’t like that too much. It seemed to categorise people into little matchboxes…


Stereotype of a Stereotype

Stereotype of a Stereotype (Photo credit: El Negro Magnifico)

And then something happened that challenged what I had learned.

At that time I was working with a woman from China who was studying to be a counsellor. 

She knew I had some public speaking experience and asked for help with a presentation. And by the way, she didn’t need much help! And her presentation rocked!

But while helping her, I told her what I  was studying.

Then she let slip what she loved most about Australia. She could speak up and ask questions and express opinions!

Which completely went against the expected cultural stereotype!. But she then told me she was brought up to be compliant (much like the stereotype).

But I looked at myself. I was brought up to be compliant (in the Australian individualistic culture!).

I now had a paradox.

I turned to a book called Cultural Intelligence and I got it! Check out the culture and then listen to the individual. Or as the book stated as a philosophy: Be mindful around people of other cultures!

Or in other words stereotypes don’t really work. At best they’re a guide. 

So now I can relax!

And finally, it means that men can be nurturers too! Sorry Heidi!