Business Class and Back Again

Canberra Storms
Canberra Storms (Photo credit: munnerley)

At last I’m on the flight home from Canberra. The flight was late, it was cold and raining and there seemed to be more people and luggage than the plane could hold….

The seat on my right was the last one left. And then two people, a lady and gentleman, came down the aisle. And both caught my eye and both smiled at me.

The lady of the two offered me her business class seat for mine.

I said, “Can you run that past me one more time?”

Pause (let me think about it). ”Of course”.

I double-checked with her, went quickly to the front of the plane, sat down, strapped on my seat belt, sat back and settled in.

At least I tried to settle. I wasn’t quite comfortable.

Right in front of me, all of the crew were conferring. After some discussion, two went down the back of the plane. And returned with my new found now apologetic friend who said we had to swap back.

My response was, “It’s been really lovely meeting you!”


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