How To Apologise

Apology (Photo credit: Jon Kneller)

In the light of Alan Jones’s comments, I want to add my own.

But not on what he said about Julia Gillard. Many people have commented on that.

I want to turn my attention to his apology. I don’t think it was really an apology.

And why? I found out the hard way how to apologise…

At work during a crisis I panicked and barged into someone else’s office to use the phone.

Only problem was that the someone else was there in a meeting!

Next day, I knocked on the door.  I was asked in. I said two words. “I’m sorry”.

That was it. No problems.

And what did I learn:

  1. Just say sorry.
  2. Don’t justify your actions/make excuses blame the other person .
  3. Otherwise refer to rule 1.

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