I feel so silly. I got sucked in by the latest Twitter fad. Which hopefully has almost died down. I’m talking about the Activated Almonds tweet storm.

 It began Sunday. I was at first curious. But then I was amused by the social media humour fest (see Leigh SalesJohn Birmingham, just to name a few).

I even looked at the original article.

I paid it no mind whatsoever. I honestly thought Activated Almonds was a typo. I thought it mean Aktavite and Almonds instead (which isn’t funny at all). So much for curiosity.

But then I read Peter Evan’s response. Ah ha! Activated Almonds are sprouted nuts (hardly word worthy at all and certainly less funny than Aktavite).

Then I was annoyed. At me.

I had laughed too much. I had forgotten to learn. Much more fun to do both.