Father and Daughter : Spiders and Cobwebs

Cobwebs on fence
Cobwebs on fence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday when I got home from work I couldn’t check my post box or even open my front gate. My way was blocked.

By a little girl standing in front of my house. Who of course was no threat. She didn’t even notice I was there. She was busy staring quite intently at the front of my house. Her dad was there holding her hand and waiting patiently.

Before I was a dad I wouldn’t have known what to do. Now I waited to see what she would do next. And then I looked closely and really saw what she was staring at. The cobwebs next to my postbox.

Her blue eyes looked at me for the first time. All they said was this is what I always do. She then turned and spoke to her dad who was still waiting. She asked him about the insects wrapped up like licorice in the cobweb.

Then they both started walking away and he began talking to her. I didn’t hear what they said. Besides its not my business. And its almost  certainly covered by parental confidentiality. If it was me, I would be explaining life and death, spiders and cobwebs. Perhaps her dad was doing just that.

Then I thought that I really hope she stays that way. I hope she grows up unchanged. I’m lucky to have a daughter just like that. She liked cobwebs silvered with dew or rain.

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